Our vineyard is a farm.

Cultivating food has been in our blood for generations.

We love this land. And our farms have been feeding people for over 25 years. But we saw a chance to do more. To turn a simple berry into a distinct wine experience. Because good food calls for great wine.

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Balanced. Complex. Really really good.

You wouldn’t expect quality wine from Alberta.

And you might not think anything but grapes could be turned into a wine that becomes a staple in your home. Well, your palette is in for a surprise.

Haskap. The berry of the north.

Haskap berries thrive in Alberta.

They’re a natural part of our landscape—that many Albertans are now just discovering. Some call them super berries for their nutrients and antioxidants. But when we’re crafting our wine, it’s their bright, bold flavour that really matters.

For us, wine comes naturally.

It’s not just what we’re making that you’ll love. It’s how we’re making it.

Our process is low intervention—because our haskaps are too good to mess with. From how we grow to how we bottle, every step of the way is sustainable.

Drink local. Right down to the berry.

From our farm to your glass, Alberta wine drinkers can finally drink local.

We hope you’ll be as proud to enjoy our wine as we are to make it.

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Classic Red

Haskap Wine

Our Classic Red has delicate tannins and a bright acidity. You’ll get notes of violet flowers mingling with dark chocolate and leather, alongside black cherry and haskap berries.
Try pairing it with fire roasted pizza, grilled chicken 
or creamy rosé pasta. You’re probably getting hungry. And thirsty.

Reserve Red

Haskap Wine

Our Reserve Red is full bodied with structured tannins. You’ll enjoy spicy notes of white pepper, clove and eucalyptus playing off dark red fruits.
Try pairing it with grilled steak, black olive tapenade or dark chocolate. Big bold flavours for a big bold wine.
Haskap Cider

Little Gem

Haskap Cider

Our Haskap Cider blends apples with haskap berries, creating a beautiful bright pink colour and a naturally bittersweet, balanced flavour. Bubbly and refreshing, this is a new summer standard.
Try pairing it with brie and charcuterie, smoked salmon, or a classic cobb salad. Or just pair it with sunshine.

Real wine. From real farmers.

Little Gem isn’t a big wine company. It’s us. Joel, Rick and Jordan—two brothers and a best friend. Joel handles the paperwork. Rick gets his hands dirty. And Jordan gets the paperwork dirty. It all works out pretty well.

We’ve been farming in Nobleford, Alberta for three generations. We work hard to build what we have. And right now, we’re putting every ounce of energy into crafting a homegrown haskap wine we can all be proud to share. Cheers.

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Ready to discover a new wine experience? Get in touch and we can talk about shipping to your door.

If you’re in the Lethbridge area, you’re in luck. Our wines are available in select bars and liquor stores in your area.

      Interested in carrying Little Gem in your store or restaurant? Let’s talk. Drop us a line at info@littlegemwinery.ca

          Interested in carrying Little Gem in your store or restaurant? Let’s talk. Drop us a line at info@littlegemwinery.ca